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Metabolite Molasses Field

Here you will find everything you need for sustainable and efficient farming. Our products are designed to improve soil health and promote sustainable yields. In modern agriculture, the importance of healthy soils is undisputed. They form the basis for high-yielding and environmentally friendly practices. Soils are living ecosystems that are home to a variety of plants, animals and microorganisms. At Alganize, our focus is on regenerating soil health to ensure a sustainable supply of healthy food. By using our innovative solutions, you can help maintain soil health while increasing your yields. In a healthy soil, up to 300 kilograms of nitrogen per hectare can be made available to plants by microorganisms. Invest in your future with Alganize and save time and money on inefficient methods. Our products not only offer financial savings, but also help to reduce environmental impact and promote sustainable agriculture.

  • Microbiome field is obtained from microalgae. Think of microalgae as single-celled plants. Plants secrete root sap to feed beneficial microorganisms and attract them to the roots. We produce these "root juices" highly efficiently.
    We provide you with a liquid soil additive with beneficial prebiotics.

    The application creates a functioning microbiome including a more resistant immune system. This can make nutrients available to the plants, suppress pathogens and improve growth.

  • In our research, we have investigated the most promising microorganisms and selected those that are the most robust and functional to meet today's climatic challenges.
    to meet today's climatic challenges.

    Alganize metabolites act as signaling molecules for soil microbial communities, causing changes in their diversity and abundance. Studies show that Alganize specifically targets Bacillus sp., Pseudomonas sp., Mycorrhiza, Azospirillum,
    Trichoderma sp. and PGPR bacteria. These microbial communities help to provide plants with important nutrients and significantly improve soil properties. Our product also has a preventative
    effect against pathogens and improves the quality of golf courses.

    • Enriched nutrient uptake

    • Improved plant and root growth Induced microbial growth associated with healthier plants

    • Increased environmental stress tolerance

    • Improved yield

    • Increased water retention

  • Please contact us to discuss your specific situation.

    General application instructions:
    1,000 liters for 30-40 ha (crop and soil dependent) Mikrobiom Field can be applied from spring to autumn.

    The product is safe for tank mixing with other agricultural inputs and manure.

    • Vor direkter Sonneneinstrahlung schützen

    • Nicht einfrieren

    • Das Produkt bleibt bei richtiger Lagerung 24 Monate ab Herstellungsdatum wirksam

  • Makroelemente: N03 (72 mg/l), HCO3 (61 mg/l, K (14 mg/l), Ca (2 mg/l), Mg (1 mg/l), S (0,8 mg/l), P (0,5 mg/l); Mikroelemente: Na (58 mg/l), Si (3 mg/l), Cl (27 mg/l), Fe (0,03 mg/l), Mn (0,01 mg/l), B (0,4 mg/l), Cu (0,04 mg/l), Mo (0,02 mg/l), Auxine, Abszisinsäure, Cytotokinine, Gibberline, Ethylen, Phenolsäure, Isopren, Limonen, β-Phellandren, Linalool, Farnesen, Bisabolene, β-, γ-Carotin, Astaxanthin, Canthaxanthin, Zeaxanthin, Lutein, Lycopin, Phytoen, Echinenon, Peptide, freie Aminosäuren, Proteine, β-Glucane, Chitin, Lipopolysaccharide, Carrageenane, Riboflavin, Ascorbinsäure, Thiamin, Cobalamin, Pyridoxin, Folsäure, Phenothen

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