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Microbiome Golf

Golf greens are under enormous stress. The grasses are under constant pressure from intensive use, frequent mowing and changing weather conditions. This stress often leads to a weakened condition of the grasses, which in turn increases their susceptibility to disease and pest infestation. At Alganize, we recognize the issues facing golf greens and offer an innovative solution: the use of metabolites. These natural metabolites can significantly reduce stress on the grasses by being produced by the plants themselves. By adding metabolites, the grasses are relieved and can therefore devote more energy to their growth and vitality. In addition, the metabolites offer another decisive advantage: they serve as food for the microbiome in the soil. By feeding the microbiome, they strengthen the grasses' immune system and promote a healthy soil structure. This helps golf greens become more resilient to stress factors and maintain better health. At Alganize, we understand the needs of golf greens and offer tailored solutions to maintain their health and beauty. Our products are designed to reduce the impact of stress and promote the long-term vitality of your golf greens. Find out more about our products and how you can overcome the challenges of golf. Welcome to Alganize - for golf greens that are always green and healthy.

  • Mikrobiom Golf has a preventive effect and strengthens the immune system of the soil and the plant. The product is a liquid organic soil additive obtained by a process that uses microalgae.

    This product contains a combination of the most effective microalgae species and their beneficial metabolites. Microbiome Golf works in synergy with soil microbes to release, assimilate, and dissolve essential nutrients and make them available to the turf.

    The organisms contained in our organisms contained in our product are known to strengthen soil structure and increase water-holding capacity.

  • In our research, we have investigated the most promising microorganisms and selected those that are the most robust and functional to meet today's climatic challenges.

    Alganize metabolites act as signaling molecules for soil microbial communities, causing changes in their diversity and abundance. Studies show that Alganize specifically targets Bacillus sp., Pseudomonas sp., Mycorrhiza, Azospirillum, Trichoderma sp., and PGPR bacteria. These microbial communities help to provide plants with important nutrients and significantly improve soil properties. Our product also has a preventative effect against pathogens and improves the quality of golf courses.

    • Enriched nutrient uptake

    • Improved turf and root growth

    • Induced microbial growth associated with healthier turf

    • Increased environmental stress tolerance

    • Lush turf

    • Increased water retention

  • Please contact us to discuss your specific situation.

    General instructions for use:
    An annual application of 300 liters per hectare is recommended. Mikrobiom Golf can be mixed with other products and with water. For particularly stressed greens and in very dry areas, a second application per year is possible.

    • Protect from direct sunlight

    • Do not freeze

    • The product remains effective for 24 months from the date of manufacture if stored correctly

  • Makroelemente: N03 (72 mg/l), HCO3 (61 mg/l, K (14 mg/l), Ca (2 mg/l), Mg (1 mg/l), S (0,8 mg/l), P (0,5 mg/l); Mikroelemente: Na (58 mg/l), Si (3 mg/l), Cl (27 mg/l), Fe (0,03 mg/l), Mn (0,01 mg/l), B (0,4 mg/l), Cu (0,04 mg/l), Mo (0,02 mg/l), Auxine, Abszisinsäure, Cytotokinine, Gibberline, Ethylen, Phenolsäure, Isopren, Limonen, β-Phellandren, Linalool, Farnesen, Bisabolene, β-, γ-Carotin, Astaxanthin, Canthaxanthin, Zeaxanthin, Lutein, Lycopin, Phytoen, Echinenon, Peptide, freie Aminosäuren, Proteine, β-Glucane, Chitin, Lipopolysaccharide, Carrageenane, Riboflavin, Ascorbinsäure, Thiamin, Cobalamin, Pyridoxin, Folsäure, Phenothen

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