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About us

Every year, 24,000,000,000 tons of fertile soil are lost

While the population increases.

Agriculture is under high pressure and is becoming increasingly dependent on chemical giants.

Rising population, less area

Food production must increase 56 % by 2050.


High fertilizer prices

The price index for fertilizer index has risen by 50.21 % since 2020.

source: Fertilizers Price Index

Soil degradation

The agricultural areas with reduced productivity amount to a total of 21 %.

source: Ariel Ortiz-Bobea et al 2021

Agricultural productivity has not grown since 2013, putting farmers under pressure

Why us and why now?

Our Values

We have started this journey to make agriculture ready for the future. This must be in harmony with nature, without overlooking the responsibility to feed the world's population. 

And why golf? Grasses on golf courses are the most difficult crops to manage. As a start-up, we have to prove our impact. If sustainability and biodiversity are worthwhile here, then it is worthwhile everywhere under all conditions. 

Our Team

Karl Manias

My passion for sustainable development and my commitment to environmentally friendly solutions drive me to develop innovative approaches that increase productivity while reducing environmental impact.

Omar Khalaf

I've always wanted to be a superhero and fight for justice. Farmers and the environment are currently in a difficult situation. We are committed to ensuring that agriculture and nature are better off in mutual terms.

Nils Brüggemann

I truly believe that science, economic and socials aspects have to go hand in hand to achieve a substantial sustainable impact.
That’s where we aim for at alganize and what is our strength. Let’s make a change!

Benjamin Schmidt
Data Analyst

I am convinced that a healthy microbiome will significantly influence a sustainable turnaround. In order to be able to observe and assess both positive and negative changes, I analyze large data sets for alganize studies. 

Katrin Lenz
Social Media Managerin

Social media is the mainstay of the media landscape these days. To really have a lasting impact, we run our channels with the aspects of environmental education and thus show our work in an aesthetic way.

Welcome to the Alganize team - a dynamic collective of professionals made up of outstanding graduates from the renowned Humboldt University of Berlin and the Technical University of Munich. Our shared passion for agriculture and biotechnology drives us to develop innovative solutions that shape the future of the agricultural industry.


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