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Get to know your microorganisms

more bacteria live in a handful of soil than humans on earth

Soil monitor

The enzyme activity and biodiversity of soil microorganisms play a decisive role in a sustainably functioning ecosystem. In the past, crop yield was used as an indicator of soil quality and fertility. Subsequently, a number of physico-chemical parameters were analysed to routinely assess soil quality. Today, it is becoming clear that soil quality needs to be assessed by a combination of parameters relating to both physico-chemical and biological levels.

  • Our focus is on enzyme activity and biodiversity, as these are leading factors in soil regeneration.
    The soil microbial assessment technology is based on the BIOLOG system and uses EcoPlates to monitor environmental changes in the soil microbiome. Microbes respond early to environmental changes, making this an important indicator. Community-Level Physiological Profiling (CLPP) is a valuable method to track these changes over time and in different locations and to monitor the health of the microbial population. These EcoPlates have been used in over 500 scientific publications to analyse microbial communities.

  • Our chemical analyses provide golf courses, farmers, forestry operations and even allotment gardeners with a precise insight into the nature of their soil and the nutritional requirements of their plants. By determining the pH value and nutrient composition, they can use targeted fertilisers to optimise soil fertility and increase yields. In doing so, we not only help to minimise environmental impact and promote sustainability, but also to ensure the quality of agricultural products. Our analyses help to make soil cultivation more efficient, more environmentally friendly and of higher quality.

  • Get to know your microorganisms. 
    We take the first soil sample and save it as a zero point. Then we take another soil sample every 6 months. This allows you to recognise how the agents and external factors influence your soil activity. Without having to try out agent X for 5 years! 

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