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  • The soil microbiome performs important functions such as nutrient cycling, soil structure improvement, disease suppression, nitrogen fixation, plant growth promotion and carbon storage. And all without pesticides or fertilizers. That's why we developed this product to strengthen your soil's native microbiome. 

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  • The metabolites in alganize act like probiotics for microbial communities in the soil, causing changes in their diversity and abundance. Research shows that Alganize specifically targets Bacillus sp. , Pseudomonas sp. , Pseudomonas Fluorescens , Mycorrhizae , Trichoderma sp. , PGPR bacteria and Azospirillum are activated and support their proliferation. These microbial communities help make important nutrients available to plants and significantly improve soil properties.

  • Enriched nutrient absorption
    Improved plant and root growth

    Induced microbial growth in connection

    with healthier plants

    Increased environmental stress tolerance

    Improved yield
    Increased water storage

  • Protect from direct sunlight
    Do not freeze
    The product remains effective for 24 months from the date of manufacture when stored properly

  • It acts as a signal for the establishment of symbiosis.

    Root exudates attract beneficial microorganisms such as rhizobia that live in the nodes of plants. These microbes fix nitrogen and protect against pathogens by blocking colonization sites, competing for resources, and producing antimicrobial compounds. In this way, they promote the health and resilience of the plants. These exudates are produced by alganize with the help of single-cell microalgae and are made available to the plant without any additional effort.

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