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Regenerating soil & plant health with Alganize 

We are revolutionizing soil health with our innovative microalgae-derived solution

Our metabolites help plants to cope with stress.

Usually the plant has to produce secondary metabolites itself on a very high energy cost.
We save that energy up in order to be used for growth and defense.

Less stressed plants and turfgrasses

Our microalgae signal substances cause bacteria and fungi to decompose organic materials more quickly, which leads to accelerated humus formation. 

Rapid humus build & more biodiverstiy in the soil

Microalgae signal substances promote increased biological activity in the soil, improve the mineralization of organic substances and enable plants to absorb up to significantly more nutrients.

Better nutrient absorption - less fertilizers needed

Golf greens are under enormous stress. The grasses are under constant pressure from intensive use, frequent mowing and changing weather conditions...

In modern agriculture, the importance of healthy soils is undisputed. They form the basis for high-yielding and environmentally friendly practices. Soils are living ecosystems...

Discover the future of sustainable forestry! At Alganize, we are dedicated to tackling the major challenges facing our forests...

Discover Alganize for a magnificent and vital garden! This product is specially formulated to promote the well-being of your plants by providing essential hormones and vitamins to the soil life...

Where our Biostimulant can help:

Our partners

Our solution: 
Plantabolics. Biodiversity is key

A strengthened microbiome for a strengthened immune system & health

Invest in your future with Alganize and save time and money on inefficient methods. Our products offer financial long-term savings,  help to reduce environmental impact and promote sustainable plant management.

Alganize is derived from microalgae. Think of microalgae as single-celled plants. Plants secrete root sap to feed beneficial microorganisms and attract them to the roots. We produce these "root juices" highly efficiently. So you receive a liquid soil additive with useful prebiotics from us.


The application creates a functioning microbiome including a more resistant immune system. This can make nutrients available to the plants & improve growth.

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